Junge Szene


Music theatre by Sophie Kassies and Jens Joneleit

Schneewitte loves her father, the King, and her beautiful stepmother. Everything is perfect – until one day the girl is all grown up, and a thousand times more beautiful than the Queen. A self-confident teenager, Schneewitte claims the throne. Trouble is brewing: the King is annoyed, and the stepmother wants Schneewitte dead. But suddenly she has seven quick-witted dwarves at her side. »Schneewitte«, which premiered in 2008, is a funny and clever adaptation of the story of Snow White by Sophie Kassies and composer Jens Joneleit. This scintillating piece of musical theatre employs contemporary music as well as jazz and pop to playfully retell the well-known fairy tale. Using only a few props, director Andrea Kramer imaginatively transforms the stage of Semper Zwei into a royal palace with a telephone, a dark forest underlaid with an orchestral soundscape, or simply into the house of the seven dwarves, who by the way also play the instruments of the orchestra.

Premiere 18. Mai 2017


Jens Joneleit