Junge Szene

the killer in me is the killer in you my love

Ali N. Askin

Music theatre for teenagers from age 13 After the play of the same name by Andri Beyeler

Premiere 16. October 2016

Performed in German

Summer by the pool: Gerber fancies Hanna. She seems to like him, too. What does Surbeck feel about it? Well, he’s not entirely sure. Gerber’s young brother is kept in the dark – he’s not going to understand anyway. But then Hanna suddenly has the hots for Moser. And once again, Surbeck is left out in the cold. Little Gerber, however, seems to have finally figured out that, alongside Hanna, there’s another girl, called Lena …
The play »the killer in me is the killer in you my love«, written by the Swiss author Andri Beyeler at the age of only 26, was the surprise smash-hit of the second Autorentheatertage Festival at Hamburg’s Thalia Theater. Two years later, the jury explained its decision to award the play the German Youth Theatre Prize as follows: »The author succeeds in giving voice to inarticulate youth by relating the same set of events from the diverse perspectives of his five protagonists«. The first cigarette, the first girlfriend, the first rivalry: Seemingly commonplace summertime events amongst a group of kids at a pool are presented by Beyeler in artificially rhythmical speech, thereby underlining the significance in the teenagers’ lives.

For the opening of the Semper Zwei venue, composer Ali N. Askin has created contemporary sounds for Beyeler’s electrifying dialogue. With his experience in diverse genres such as rock, jazz and funk as well as his interest in electronic and electro-acoustic instruments, the audience are certainly in for a few surprises.

Word premiere at the Semperoper Dresden in 2016