Lieder Recital »A Tiny Tear«

Lost music from Dresden and other European cities



  • 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

  • Venue: Semper Zwei

  • Die Abendkasse in Semper Zwei öffnet 30 min vor Vorstellungsbeginn.

    Under the title »A Tiny Tear«, this evening recital is dedicated to Slovak and German artists who worked in Dresden and, because of their Jewish origins, were persecuted and in some cases murdered by the Nazis. The illuminating programme will be led by the musicologist Dr Agata Schindler, who has already helped design the Theresienstadt concert evening for the Semperoper and whose book »A Tiny Tear: The devastating influence of National Socialism on the lives of musicians in Central Europe« is the inspiration for this recital. Featuring the music of Josef Weiss, Arthur Chitz, Siegfried Sonnenschein, Viktor Ullmann, Paul Abraham, Karol Elbert, Richard Engländer and Paul Aron