The Animals’ Conference (after Erich Kästner)

Concert with the Children’s Choir of the Semperoper Dresden Composition by Johannes Wulff-Woesten, libretto by Manfred Weiß after Erich Kästner



  • Starting Time: 11 am

  • Venue:  Semperoper Dresden

    The animals have had enough: humans are always talking about doing something to prevent war and the climate catastrophe, but nothing seems to happen. So an Animals’ Conference is convened, attended by creatures from all over the world, who raise their voices against a litany of threats and injustices. Johannes Wulff-Woesten’s musical version of Erich Kästner’s still topical parable was premiered at the Semperoper in 2012. Now, under the direction of Claudia Sebastian-Bertsch, the Semperoper Children’s Choir will once again perform this piece, and in so doing, lend a voice to our planet’s animals.