Press release

Saxon State Theatres: All performances temporarily suspended

Dresden, 19 November 2021. Due to the worsening pandemic, the managing directors of Saxon State Theatres have decided – in consultation with the Saxon Ministry of Science, Culture and Tourism – to suspend performances with immediate effect up to and including Wednesday, 24 November 2021. Some limited rehearsals will continue until further notice. This decision affects the city’s Staatsschauspiel and the Semperoper along with their various venues.
According to a joint statement issued by Peter Theiler and Joachim Klement, the artistic directors of Saxon State Opera and the Staatsschauspiel, respectively: »The high rates of infection which are currently threatening all sections of the population have forced us to temporarily suspend all performances. Under these circumstances, we can no longer offer our audiences and our staff any degree of certainty in planning upcoming events.« The statement continues: »In the current dangerous situation, our joint decision reflects the obligation that we as Saxon State Theatres have to the whole of society to help break the chain of infection in the current pandemic.«  

The visitor service will refund purchased tickets for the cancelled events. For Semperoper events, it is recommended to fill out the dedicated ticket return form. 
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