Focus on: Philip Venables (»4.48 Psychose«)

At the event »Focus on: Philip Venables« held in our rehearsal stage no. 2 on May 2nd, we present one of the most important contemporary composers. For The Guardian he is »one of the finest composers around«, calling his operas »brilliant, extreme work that grips like a vice and won’t let go«. On April 26th German audiences will have their first chance to enjoy one of his operas when the Semperoper premieres »4.48 Psychose« in Semper Zwei.
In »Focus on« you can enjoy other works by Venables such as »Metamorphoses« for solo oboe and »numbers 91-95« for flute, piano, two tape recorders and narrator. The composer will talk to journalist Jeffrey Arlo Brown about his path to music and the professional life of a composer in the 21st century.

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Photo © Harald Hoffman


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