Junge Szene

Mr A’s amazing Maze Plays

Music theatre by Johannes Wulff-Woesten

It is a veritable classic of English children’s theatre: Alan Ayckbourn’s story of little Susi and her dog Otto, who attempt to stop the evil thief Mr Akustikus from stealing human voices and other noises. Not only has he stolen and imprisoned many of these in his villa, but he has also taken Otto’s bark and hidden it in a box. Full of courage, wit and imagination, Susi and Otto set off on the dangerous search for Otto’s bark, discovering a house full of strange sounds. But please take note: The help of the audience is needed in this very special Semper Zwei production! In Johannes Wulff-Woesten’s musical adaptation, many enthusiastic detectives, both small and large, are required to help Susi and Otto locate the missing voices and make the world sound right again.

Premiere 13. Mai 2018

Das Rätsel der gestohlenen Stimmen

Johannes Wulff-Woesten