»Classics« To the Point(e)

The Digital programme booklet

George Balanchine


A homage to the »white acts« of the 19th century in a neoclassical interpretation, that took the Franco-Russian ballet tradition to the »New World« in the 20th century – a masterpiece that has not lost its appeal to this day: all this is »Serenade« (1935).

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Justin Peck

Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes

Nuances of the Wild West, combined with jazz, syncopated percussion rhythms and neoclassicism. These keywords are probably the best way to summarise Justin Peck's »Rodeo: Four Dance Episodes« (2015) in the most appropriate way.

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Twyla Tharp

In The Upper Room

Yoga, tap dancing, boxing, tango, jogging – forms of movement that are part of many people's everyday lives, but are not necessarily considered as »dance«. However, Twyla Tharp defines it differently as her choreography »In The Upper Room« (1986) proves.

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Published by
Saxon State Theatres
Dresden State Opera and Dresden State Theatre
Public enterprise of the Free State of Saxony
Theatre Square 2 | 01067 Dresden

Peter Theiler, General Director of the State Opera
Wolfgang Rothe, Managing Director

The Dresden State Opera and the Dresden State Theatre together form the Saxon State Theatres.

Premiere 2 June 2024
Season 2023/24

Idea, concept and editing
Regina Genée

Design Alanis Lobert

Text credits
The texts The interplay of dance and music in Balanchineʼs symphonic ballet »Serenade«, Free and in the spirit of Mozart; Neoclassicism 2.0, In the spirit of the Wild West; Genre Dichotomies in Twyla Tharp’s »In The Upper Room« and Soundscapes and pure emotions: Philip Glass’s music for »In The Upper Room« were created as original contributions for the digital programme booklet.

Reprint of Aaron Copland's biography by kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes.
Reprint of Philip Glass's biography by kind permission of Dunvagen Music Publishers.

Translated into German and editorial changes: Regina Genée.
Translation into English and editing of English-language texts: Aaron Epstein.

Photo credits
Production photos © Semperoper Dresden/Jubal Battisti, 05/2024
Portrait of Pyotr. I. Tchaikovsky

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