chasing waterfalls

Rehearsal trailer

Morning routine. The »I« tries to log into their computer. And is laconically confronted by the machine with a question about their state of being: »Not convinced you aren’t a robot. Please try again.« »chasing waterfalls« – the title implies the act of »trying to grasp something intangible« – is a premiere project by the artists’ collective »phase7 performing.arts« from Berlin and the Semperoper. Together with the composer Angus Lee (*1992) from Hong Kong and the Studio for Sonic Experiences »kling klang klong«, the collective is embarking on a music-theatrical investigation of the impact that artificial intelligence is having on our human, social and creative existence. Incidentally, the »I« succeeds in logging into the computer. And in confronting its digital spin-offs in the depths of the virtual world, »I« encounters surprising events, located somewhere between Lewis Carroll’s »Alice in Wonderland« and Stanley Kubrick’s »2001: A Space Odyssey«. And in the end, as in every good story, there comes a fade to black.

Premiere 3. September 2022