Rusalka – Making-of (2)

Talk with soprano Olesya Golovneva

Olesya Golovneva has already sung the role of Rusalka at the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Frankfurt Opera and the Cologne Opera, where she was nominated for the German theater award FAUST for her interpretation. In Christof Loy’s production, the soprano is not only able to display her acting and singing skills, but also to dance in pointe shoes–a new and exciting experience for her. Just as the role of Rusalka itself is very exciting for Olesya Golovneva: Rusalka sings, speaks, loses her voice and finally has to express herself in a completely different way. For the singer, the end of the opera despite all tragedy offers the way to freedom, because Rusalka has no other choice, since she cannot die.

Premiere 7. May 2022