Junge Szene

Häuptling Abendwind

Buffo operetta by Jacques Offenbach

Chief Abendwind from the tribe of the Gros-Loulous and his enemy, the neighbouring Chief Brave Rabbit, are unrepentant cannibals. And they would probably stay that way if a stranger didn’t show up one day. Abendwind’s daughter Attala quickly falls in love with the outsider, a hairdresser from Paris. The father would love to get his teeth into his future son-in-law, who really would make a perfect roast for his feast with Brave Rabbit. When, however, Brave Rabbit suddenly mentions his son living in Paris during the meal, a terrible suspicion arises: Could the delicious roast possibly be Brave Rabbit’s son? »Häuptling Abendwind« (»Vent-du-soir ou l’horrible festin«) from 1857 is a grotesquely macabre farce about foreign customs and our own habits, featuring a witty and rousing score by the Franco-German composer Jacques Offenbach. This production for Semper Zwei is designed for a mixed audience of adults and children (aged 12 and over). 

Premiere 14. December 2018

Häuptling Abendwind

Jacques Offenbach