COW – Making-of (7)

Music and dance: From the Bundesjugendorchester to the studio

Alexander Ekman’s ballet evening »COW« is as unusual as its title: A tongue-in-cheek homage to a cow or, rather, to a cow’s attitude to life. With its flood of scenic and choreographic ideas, frantic tempo, wit and energy, this work amazed and thrilled audiences and critics alike at the premiere in the Semperoper in 2016 – and was awarded Germany’s most prestigious theatre prize, the FAUST. The eponymous cow is part of the proceedings, floating down from the theatrical sky and marvelling at the pulsating dancers around her: From concrete scenes of daily human life in at times bizarre costumes to film clips and contemplative images in which the dancers float across the stage more like weightless ideas than bodies, we are presented with a complete universe. It was Alexander Ekman’s aim to create an incredible and fascinating piece that moves us and opens unexpected vistas. And he succeeded.

Premiere 12. March 2016