Opera by Richard Wagner

When the Norns are seen weaving the rope of Destiny at the beginning of Richard Wagner’s »Götterdämmerung«, this signals the impending demise of the world of the gods. The hero Siegfried falls victim to a plot at the court of the Gibichungs, and Brünnhilde decides to return the ring to the Rhine maidens. In its mad quest for authority and dominance, the principle of masculine power has destroyed itself. Only the female life-force can resist the impending apocalypse and secure salvation for a new beginning. In this final part of »The Ring of the Nibelung”, Richard Wagner once again takes up the various narrative threads of the cycle, combining them into a satisfying apotheosis. In Willy Decker’s production of this drama of men and gods, the action is presented as »theatre within a theatre«. And at the end, the curtain drops on the fallen god Wotan.

Premiere 31. August 2003