Grand opera by Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner was Royal Kapellmeister in Dresden when he wrote his romantic opera »Tannhäuser and the Minnesingers’ Contest at the Wartburg« in 1845. At the heart of the story is the singer Tannhäuser, who seeks carnal pleasure and sensuality from Venus, the Goddess of Love, and yet quickly longs to return to the world of men. But as soon as he has broken with Venus, he is no longer able to fit in with the expectations of polite society. There is a scandal when, taking part in a song contest on the theme of love, he sings the praises of uninhibited lust. Tannhäuser is sent to Rome to seek atonement. Director Peter Konwitschny has staged Richard Wagner’s opera as a sensuously comedic lesson about non-conformity, romantic yearning, desire and lost utopias. 

Premiere 29. June 1997


Richard Wagner