Ballet evening by Justin Peck, Jiří Kylián and Hofesh Shechter

The diversity of human relationships and the »temperature« of their interaction inspired the American choreographer Justin Peck to create his highly virtuosic musical work »Heatscape« in 2015. Shifting be-tween abstraction and narration, audience members are constantly invited to examine their «preconcep-tions. This is also encouraged by Jirí Kylián in his sombre »Gods and Dogs« from 2008, in which the cho-reographer explores the boundary between normality and madness. »In which moment are we pushed across the invisible line into pathological madness, and who determines it?« he seems to ask. The Israeli choreographer Hofesh Schechter also investigated what it means to be obey norms in his piece »Corpse de Ballet«, created for the Semperoper Ballet in 2018. His punning title highlights the ensemble work of the corps de ballet, and Schechter’s gaze is strictly on the dancers and their abilities of expression. The aesthetics of a lifeless body and the audience’s perception are at the core of this energetic creation.

Premiere 2. June 2018