The Abduction from the Seraglio

Opera Singspiel by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pedrillo, his lover Blonde and Konstanze, having been kidnapped by pirates and dragged into the seraglio by the Pasha, Bassa Selim, hope to be rescued. Konstanze’s fiancé Belmonte attempts to free them – but fails. Only the Pasha himself can grant them their freedom. Orientalism and Enlightenment meet colourful costumes and a fairytale backdrop in this production by the Dutch director and stage designer Michiel Dijkemas. In »The Abduction from the Seraglio«, which premiered in Vienna in 1782, Mozart gathered together numbers that are still some of the most famous in operatic literature such as Konstanze’s aria »Martern aller Arten«, Blonde’s »Welche Wonne, welche Lust«, Pedrillo’s »Auf zum Kampfe« or the exotic Chorus of the Janissaries. 

Premiere 15. April 2017