Peer Gynt

Johan Inger

Ballet in two acts

Premiere 5. June 2022


The young adventurer Peer Gynt sets out to become »King of the World«. He seduces and abandons those around him, always in search of himself. Along the way he meets many people, both benevolent and manipulative, finds inspiration and disappointment, and is nowhere really accepted. Apart from his aged mother Aase, whom he buries with a heavy heart, the only person to truly love him is the girl Solveig, who waits a lifetime for him in their home country, because that’s how long it takes for Peer to return. Swedish choreographer Johan Inger, last seen in Dresden with »Walking Mad« and »Carmen«, has turned the never-ending journey of Peer Gynt, forever in search of an identity and happiness, into a full-length ballet, which enjoyed its premiere in Basel in 2017. In a cross-disciplinary work combining dance, pantomime and song, Inger fuses Peer Gynt’s life and experiences with various stages from his own artistic career. The result is a gripping and witty story told using a striking physical vocabulary.