Buying tickets made easy: whether on the Internet, by phone or on site

Here you find all information about the purchase of tickets for all available performances at the Semperoper Dresden.

Internet ticket sales

On it is possible to book up to 15 tickets for the performances using your credit card or by means of the payment system giropay. Concessions are unavailable for online bookings.

The purchase is offered by the company to their terms and conditions. There is a system fee of 4 Euro per ticket.

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The easiest and fastest way to get hold of your tickets

The easiest and fastest way to get hold of your tickets: Using the Print@Home system you can easily and securely purchase and print your desired tickets and gift vouchers by visiting Moreover you can download your ticket on your Smartphone. A unique barcode ensures the validity of your tickets.

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ERV ticket insurance

ERV ticket insurance

With ERV ticket insurance you can quickly and inexpensively insure your purchased ticket(s), including any fees, for your planned visit to the opera. The insurance is offered through a separate contract with ERV. Coverage begins with your agreement to purchase the insurance offer, at the earliest however with the acquisition of the ticket and ends with expiry of the indicated event. Please note that tickets can only be insured within 3 working days of the date of ticket purchase.

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Seats and prices

Seating Plan: Kulturpalast
Here you can down­load the seat­ing plan for con­certs of the Staatskapelle Dres­den in the Kulturpalast with reg­is­tered price groups.

Seating Plan: Frauenkirche (Frauenkirche Church)
Here you can down­load the seat­ing plan for con­certs of the Staatskapelle Dres­den in the Frauenkirche with reg­is­tered price groups.

Concessions & Special Offers



Supertitles are a complementary service to which there is no claim. They are not part of the ticket price.
If a performance is not accompanied by supertitles or if the supertitles cannot be read or only partially read from some seating areas, there is no entitlement to a ticket refund or concession.

Gift Vouchers

Make someone happy with an ideally flexible gift

Unsure if your relatives or friends would rather visit a ballet, concert or opera, or if they prefer contemporary or classical music? Well, keep your options open with our gift vouchers, worth 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 euros.
They are accepted for nearly all events at the Saxon State Opera House, so your gift cannot fail to please. Vouchers are valid for three years, giving the holder plenty of time to choose their ideal event. Single or combinations of gift vouchers are receiveable directly at the counter of the visitor service centre or at the shop on our Website by clicking on the following picture.

By now you can print your vouchers yourself (Print at home) – a fast and comfortable procedure.

Vouchers can be redeemed at our box office or at the shop on our website. Unfortunately, vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

Ticket wallets

Download for ticket wallets

After having downloaded and printed the wallet please fold it right along the middle.

Exclusive organizers

Behringer Touristik
Robert-Bosch-Str. 12

35398 Giessen

T (0641) 9681 0

F (0641) 968150

Compact Tours
Georgenstraße 2 A

01097 Dresden

T +49 (0)351 808090

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Dr. Augustin Studienreisen GmbH
Bayreuther Str. 9

91301 Forchheim

T (09191) 736300

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Kultur + Reisen Schemenz GmbH
Gabriel-Max-Str. 1

10245 Berlin

T (030) 29 379 80

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Service-Reisen Giessen

Heyne GmbH & Co. KG
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35394 Giessen

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