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Now also in kindergartens and nursery schools

The Semperoper Education department would like to bring the experience of music theatre to as many kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools as possible, even outside Dresden.

For this reason, Semperoper Education included for the first time a piece for pre-school kids in last season’s programme: The young composer Thierry Tidrow set Astrid Lindgren’s »Nils Karlsson Däumling« to music for soprano and solo violin. With this mobile production, which requires only minimal space, the ensemble is able to make guest appearances at kindergartens and nursery schools. Accompanied by a music theatre pedagogue from Semperoper Education, the 30-minute guest performance is a brilliant opportunity for kids to get to know the human voice, the violin and some wonderful music.

The demand for »Nils Karlsson Däumling« has been huge: after more than twenty performances in the 2020/21 season, now over forty kindergartens are waiting for Bertil and Nils (the two main characters in the story) to visit them in the current season.

Another piece currently being prepared for kindergartens is the short a cappella opera »Kirsas Musik«. In addition, our programme for primary schools is being expanded to include the classroom piece »Die Kuh Gloria«, based on a story by Paul Maar, as well as concerts specially devised for children.

We would be delighted if you could support us with a donation. Because recent events have highlighted once again the importance of the Semperoper’s activities in applying our art to enrich the early education of kids.

Thank you very much!

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After we have processed your donation, you will automatically receive a receipt for the donated sum by email. For sums of 200 euros or more, a printed receipt for the donation will automatically be issued by post. If you want this sent to an address other than that specified in your order, please contact our Development Office by phone under: +49 351 4911 645.

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A look back: Fundraising Project »New Pedagogical Formats – Innovative Concepts of Semperoper Education for Today and Tomorrow«

The recent fundraising project »New Pedagogical Formats« collected donations with the aim of developing formats that – while maintaining social distancing – could enable interaction with kids and ensure access to the programme of Semperoper Education; and which (ideally) could be used in the years after the current pandemic. We were able to realise various digital formats, such as participatory videos, due to the generous support of a large number of donors. In this way, music, theatre and dance found their way into the hearts of Saxony’s children during this very special period.

We thank all donors, in particular those who were willing to contribute the ticket price for cancelled performances.