Fundraising project of the Semperoper Dresden

Opera mobile

The Semperoper comes to schools and kindergartens!

The Semperoper would like to bring the experience of music theatre to as many kindergartens, nurseries and schools as possible, even outside Dresden.

With mobile productions, which require only minimal space, the ensemble of the Semperoper is able to make guest appearances at kindergartens and schools. Accompanied by a music theatre pedagogue from Semperoper Education, the 30-minute guest performance is a brilliant opportunity for kids to get to know the human voice and some wonderful music.

The demand for the mobile productions is huge. We would be delighted if you could support us with a donation. Because recent events have highlighted once again the importance of the Semperoper’s activities in applying our art to enrich the early education of kids.

Thank you very much!

Donation receipt

After we have processed your donation, you will automatically receive a receipt for the donated sum by email. For sums of 200 euros or more, a printed receipt for the donation will automatically be issued by post. If you want this sent to an address other than that specified in your order, please contact our Development Office by phone under: +49 351 4911 645.