Hygiene rules: What do you have to observe when visiting a performance of the revised programme?  

In order to make it possible to visit a performance, the following hygiene rules currently apply:

  • Tickets are personalized and not transferable. Please note that our staff may ask for a suitable ID at the entrance.
  • Please maintain a distance of 1.5 m.
  • Only visit a performance without symptoms of illness.
  • Always wear a face mask (except when the seat has been taken). Please bring your own mask.
  • Please note: The elevator is only in limited service.
  • The cloakroom is only in limited service.
  • Some performances have no intermission.


Gastronomic service: We offer you a gastronomic service in the lower vestibules before the performance begins. Please note that the regulations concerning distance and hygiene must be respected at all times. Drinks or food may only be consumed in the designated areas in the vestibule. It is allowed to remove the face mask temporarily while drinking or eating. Please put the mask on again immediately afterwards.

Cancelled perfomances until 31 December 2020 – Is it possible to return purchased tickets?  

All performances of the Saxon State Theatres until 31 December 2020 are cancelled. We will refund in full the price of your tickets for all cancelled performances. For this we need some details, which can be supplied using the form for ticket returns

Although we will do our best to process your refund as quickly as possible, due to the large number of ticket cancellations it may take us a while to successively deal with all requests. Please refrain from making inquiries, also to ensure that the refund is processed as quickly as possible. In this regard, we kindly ask for your patience.


Is it possible to visit the Semperoper Dresden at short notice?  

An impromptu visit to the opera? No problem! Sometimes tickets are still available shortly before a performance. These can be purchased by phoning +49 351 4911 705, here on the website, also as a Print@Home/Smartphone-Ticket or from the evening box office. Simply check our online programme for availability. The evening box office in the Semperoper opens one hour before each performance. Due to corona-related hygiene rules, standing room is currently not available at the box office.

Can I take out a ticket insurance?  

It is possible to take out ERGO Reiseversicherung (ERV) ticket insurance for your tickets (also covering any fees) quickly and inexpensively at the time of ticket purchase! In this way you will not lose out if you are unable to go to the opera due to any unforeseen events! Please note that this offer is only available for 3 working days after ticket purchase.

Ticket insurance


Is it possible to return purchased tickets?  

Tickets no longer required can be offered for resale on commission up to one working day before the stipulated event, under the condition that the Semperoper Dresden has no remaining tickets for this performance.
If a work other than that indicated at the time of purchase is to be performed, then tickets can be returned prior to the event. The Semperoper Dresden reserves the right to change the list of performers, and such changes do not entitle ticket-holders to return purchased tickets. Unused tickets will not be exchanged. Please note our General Terms and Conditions.

Where can I find out about changes to the list of performers and other info on the Semperoper Dresden?  

An up-to-date list of performers and other information can be found on the Semperoper website. Here you can also subscribe to our newsletter (in German only), which gives regular updates on any highlights and the current season’s programme.

How much does it cost to use the cloakroom?  

The cloakroom is free for all visitors to the Semperoper Dresden. Please note the insurance regulations on display. Due to the hygiene rules for the Corona replacement schedule from August to October, it is not possible to hand in the cloakroom.

Are children welcome in the opera house?  

Children are not only permitted, they are expressly invited. Especially the Semperoper Junge Szene offers a diverse programme for both young and old. In addition to such educational attractions as visiting live rehearsals etc, there are also special events such as »Take 4« for schoolchildren. For further information please check our offers. Apart from the above events which are designed for kids of all ages, we recommend that young children under the age of six do not attend performances in the Semperoper for their own protection.

Lost something?  

Please inform cloakroom staff or door attendants of the loss of personal belongings, or phone +49 351 49 11 0. We will do our utmost to assist you. We kindly ask you to pass on any items you may find to a member of staff.

Are any performances accompanied by supertitles?  

Yes – from the 2016/17 season most operas are presented with supertitles in German and English. Please check the web page of the particular opera to see if there are supertitles.

There are no supertitles for the performances of the Corona substitute programme from August to October.

Are there introductory lectures?  

Some introductions to the performed works are offered, although not for every event. You can find out in our Repertoire whether your performance is preceded by a short lecture. The introductions to performances in the Semperoper take place in the basement 45 minutes before each performance. The introductions to performances in Semper Zwei take place in the upper foyer of Semper Zwei 25 minutes before the scheduled performance.

There are no introductions to works during the performances of the Corona substitute programme from August to October.

Is there a gastronomic service in the Semperoper?  

Dresden’s starred chef and owner of the »Bean&Beluga« restaurant, Stefan Hermann, has taken over the Semperoper’s gastronomic services from the 2010/11 season. Before the curtain rises and during the intervals you can savour some exquisite delicacies at the foyer bars. If you want to spend a little more time then you can also visit the opera restaurant either before or after the performance. We recommend that you reserve a table by phoning +49 351 44 00 880 0 or under

Please note: For all performances of the revised programme, the gastronomic service is on limited service due to the current hygiene rules. Please inform yourself here.

Reservation, Tel +49 351 49 11 523

Do I have to follow a certain dress code?  

Please dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, while bearing in mind the overall festive atmosphere in the opera house. A performance at the Semperoper is possible at any time–even at short notice–if you are dressed appropriately and wear long pants. Particularly on special occasions such as gala events and premieres, evening dresses or a dinner jacket certainly won’t be out of place.

What can I take home as a souvenir?  

DVDs, CDs and other gift items are available from our visitor service (Schinkelwache) or from the opera shop. There you can purchase recordings of opera productions such as the DVD of »Hänsel und Gretel« from the Semperoper, or the DVD of »Der Rosenkavalier«. A special souvenir is the new limited-edition sparkling wine from Saxon’s State Vineyard at Castle Wackerbarth, called »Gräfin Cosel«; it comes with a classic CD of famous female singers from the Semperoper. Fans of ballet can purchase pointe shoes.

Can I take a guided tour through the opera house?  

Newly designed thematic tours will immerse you in the exciting world of the Semperoper: you can choose from architecture, Dresden’s musical history, or anecdotes and scandals associated with the opera house. Whether as an activity day for kindergartens, an excursion for day-care centres or even a programme for school classes – the guided tours are suitable for all occasions and offer a playful and lively way for young visitors to discover the Semperoper.

Online bookings:
Phone +49 351 320 736 0

How big is the Semperoper?  

The auditorium of the Semperoper comprises around 1,300 seats, distributed over the stalls and four circles. The first row of seating in the stalls can be removed to increase the size of the orchestra pit for special performances.
The dimensions of the auditorium in detail –  width: approx. 27m, height: approx. 19m, depth: approx. 26m.
The main stage has an area of 630m² (30m wide, 21m deep, 24m high); the backstage area is 342m² (18.5m wide, 18.5m deep, 9.5m high); the wings have a combined area of 671m². This gives a total stage area of 1,643m².
Since the 2016/17 season, our new Semper Zwei venue has also been inviting visitors on a journey of discovery into the world of music theatre. With a maximum of 160 seats (the exact number varies depending on the piece), the theatrical experience is much more intimate, not least because artists and audience members are not separated from one another by a deep and wide orchestra pit.

General Information  

Please note that photography and sound recording is not permitted during performances. Visitors are requested to leave coats and large bags in the cloakroom, and food and liquids may not be taken into the auditorium.

Is the Semperoper taking part in dispute settlement proceedings?  

The Saxon State Theatres do not participate in dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer arbitration service.


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