Blues Brothers

Dresden version by Manfred Weiß Arranged by Tim Allhoff and Max Renne

Premiere 22. January 2021

Performed in German and English

Brothers Jake and Ellwood Blues have a mission: to get their old rhythm-and-blues band back together in order to pay off the tax debts of the orphanage where they grew up. And so, in their trademark black suits and dark sunglasses, the Blues Brothers go to see their old bandmates, who may (or may not) have long since drifted into middle-class jobs. The brothers’ mission soon becomes a journey into the past, a bizarre odyssey through a country where they are no longer really at home – and a hymn to the power of music. The film »The Blues Brothers« from 1980, featuring actors James Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, is a veritable cult classic. In this version, arranged for the stage by Manfred Weiß, the story of the Blues Brothers and their songs is transformed into a homage to the lively blues scene of the GDR. A screwball comedy with unforgettable songs such as »Everybody Needs Somebody«, »Sweet Home Chicago« or »Gimme Some Lovin’«.