The Toxic Avenger

David Bryan and Joe DiPietro

Rock musical after the film of the same name by Lloyd Kaufman. For young people from 14 years Music by David Bryan, book by Joe DiPietro, lyrics by David Bryan and Joe DiPietro, German lyrics by Sabine Ruflair, German dialogues by Jürgen Hartmann

Premiere 16. June 2023

From 14 years old. Performed in German

The city of Tromaville (New Jersey) is becoming a disaster zone as it suffocates under the fumes from toxic waste, threatening the health of its inhabitants. And instead of cleaning up the mess, the local mayor, Babs Belgoody, is actually raking in kickbacks for allowing piles of the toxic goo to be stored all over the place–But help is at hand: none other than shy Melvin Ferd the Third, now mutated into a green super-hero after being doused in toxic waste, decides to rescue the town and, in the process, win the heart of blind librarian Sarah. This fast-paced, energetic rock musical by David Bryan (the keyboardist from »Bon Jovi«) and Joe DiPietro premiered in New York in 2009. In 2023 the Toxic Avenger will rock the stage of Semper Zwei in his fight for justice, tolerance and the protection of the environment, aided by brilliantly catchy songs, romantic ballads and lots of comedy.

Please note that during the performances »The Toxic Avenger« the noise level reaches 105 dB.


A town is suffocating in garbage. Tromaville, New Jersey, which neighbors the great city of New York, has become a threat to its residents. The young and shy Melvin Ferd the Third decides to save the town and free it from garbage. In order to find out the reasons for this garbage catastrophe, he investigates in the town library. There he meets the pretty but blind librarian Sarah, with whom he has long been secretly in love–unfortunately not reciprocated. In the town’s records, he finds shocking evidence that Tromaville’s mayor, Babs Belgoody, is slowly but surely turning the town into a massive toxic waste dump through illicit dealings, making good money in the process. Melvin decides to put a stop to the mayor’s skulduggery. When he confronts her with his evidence, she remorsefully promises to fix everything, and even hires Melvin as her advisor. The young man naively believes her. Behind his back, however, Belgoody hires two nasty thugs in order to get Melvin out of the way, who ambush him and stuff him into a barrel of toxic waste. But instead of dying, he is transformed into a herculean, monster-like superhero who first frees Sarah from the clutches of the thugs. She instantly falls in love with him, affectionately calling him Toxie, but she is not allowed to touch him. He tells her that he is on a special mission to free the entire town of garbage. Using ruthless methods, he thoroughly clears out all the polluters, thugs, and corrupt businessmen – naturally getting in the mayor’s way in the process. A scientist has discovered that Toxie is invincible and that the only thing that can kill him is bleach. The mayor launches a bleach assassination attempt on him. Sarah rushes to save Toxie, neutralizes Belgoody, and finally finds a way to save the badly injured Toxie. Toxie is elected the new mayor. Sarah marries him and they have a beautiful green child.