Wie werde ich reich und glücklich?

Mischa Spoliansky

Cabaret-revue – A course in ten chapters Book by Felix Joachimson

Premiere 2. July 2021

Performed in German


What if advertising really delivered on its promises? If there was a solution to every problem? For example, how to become rich and happy. Kibis and Marie try it out: While the unemployed Kibis has no money, Marie, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, is bored of her constricted life. Then they are promised help and a solution to all their problems by the enterprising Pausback, who completely turns Kibis’ and Marie’s life upside down with the guiding principles of his »Pausback Method«. But can one really be rich and happy at the same time? With their cabaret revue, which premiered in June 1930 at the famous Berlin comedy theatre on Kurfürstendamm, Mischa Spoliansky and Felix Joachimson successfully captured the flair of the »Golden Twenties« as well as the emotional ups and downs of a world in crisis.