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The Semperoper Dresden offers numerous programme highlights perfectly suited to you needs as tour operator, hotel manager or private group. We will let you know about seasonal and special highlights, prices and remaining tickets. Moreover, we offer you recommendations for your stay in Dresden and Elbe Region. Look forward to and secure your place at our artistically thrilling and moving performances!

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May 2023: »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg«

Opera by Richard Wagner

Trailer »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg«

Richard Wagner’s »Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg« from 1868 is one of the composer’s most popular works. The story takes place in medieval Nuremberg around midsummer, where the widowed cobbler Hans Sachs, the town clerk Sixtus Beckmesser and the young noble adventurer Walther von Stolzing argue about the lovely Eva in song and poetry. Things even get a little physical. Why? Because the goldsmith Pogner, wishing to highlight his veneration of art, has offered his much-coveted daughter as a prize in the annual singing competition.

7, 10 & 14 May 2023

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July 2023: »Der Freischütz«

Romantic opera by Carl Maria von Weber

Once the best marksman in the world, Max is on a losing streak. A single shot will determine his betrothal to Agathe – a much too important matter to leave to chance. At midnight in the Wolf’s Glen, Max, aided by the evil Casper, casts seven magic bullets which never miss their target, thus sealing a pact with the devil. In his production, director Axel Köhler not only describes the fate of a young man driven to extremes by a fear of failure, but also paints the image of a society which, having lost its bearings, seeks stability in ritual and hierarchy. 

2, 4, 7 & 13 July 2023

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Trailer »Der Freischütz«

Season 2023/24

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In addition to your visit to the Semperoper, Dresden offers a wide range of possibilities. Please inform yourself at short notice about which offers can be taken during the Corona pandemic.

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