Junge Szene

Drei miese, fiese Kerle / Three mean, nasty guys

Zad Moultaka

Music theatre for everyone aged 6 and above Libretto by Manfred Weiß. Based on the book of the same name by Paul Maar and Susanne Opel-Götz.

Premiere 15. October 2021

Performed in German

Konrad lives with his parents in a beautiful house. Unfortunately, it’s located in a dreadfully haunted area, where the Fat Monster, the Pale Nightmare and the Ghost are up to no good. Then Konrad gets sick and tired of it all: armed with anti-ghost balls, he heads for the sooty castle where the three guys live. Luckily, he meets the mysterious chequered cat, who knows just how to outsmart the nasty guys ... Best known for his »Sams« books, Paul Maar’s »Drei miese, fiese Kerle« is a cheeky tale of courage rewarded for children aged five and up. And it proved to be the perfect inspiration for Lebanese-French composer Zad Moultaka. In 2019, he created an entertaining and colourful composition that brings to life – both visually and aurally – the fantastic world of Paul Maar (or Konrad?), complete with ghosts and a chequered cat. 


Konrad and his parents live in a beautiful house. But unfortunately, it is near a haunted castle. There, three nasty rotten fellows are up to mischief: the fat monster, the pale phantom, and the ghost. They constantly haunt the area and frighten hikers, because of which the ambulance comes by every day to collect the terrified hikers. Something has to be done, Konrad tells himself. He gathers all his courage and decides to put a stop to the nasty fellows’ game. Equipped with anti-ghost bullets, Konrad sets out for the grimy castle. But how is he supposed to fight three ghosts at the same time? He is accompanied by a talking checkered cat, who has a good idea: to lure two of them out of the house so they can then confront the third alone. That ought to work! But the anti-ghost bullets are ineffective on the fat monster ... Overcoming fear is by no means easy. But it's worth it. Because life is much nicer without it.