How to get there

Directions to the Semperoper

The Semperoper Dresden is located in the historic old town of Dresden and can be easily reached from the motorway, the airport and the railway station. Semper Zwei, the second stage of the Semperoper Dresden, is located diagonally behind the opera house towards the Zwinger.


Semperoper Dresden
Theaterplatz 2
01067 Dresden
Phone +49 351 4911 705 Box Office
+49 351 4911 700
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Getting there

By car

The main entrance is available for dropping off passengers but parking is not permitted at the Theaterplatz.

Right behind the Semperoper, in the Devrientstraße, there is an underground car park. From there it is only a short walk (about 200 metres) to the Semperoper (there is no underground connection).

There are other car parks at Frauenkirche, Schießgasse; Frauenkirche Neumarkt, Landhausstraße 2 and at the Haus am Zwinger, Kleine Brüdergasse 3.

Car park behind the Semperoper

By public transport–railway, bus, and tram

The main station and the train station Dresden-Neustadt are near to the Semperoper Dresden. The Semperoper is located directly on the Theaterplatz where a tram station of the same name is located; it is also easily reached from Postplatz at only a few minutes’ walk.

From the main station, tramline 8 (direction Hellerau) from the stop »Hauptbahnhof« or tramline 9 (direction Kaditz) from the stop »Hauptbahnhof Nord« take you directly to the Theaterplatz.

From the train station Dresden-Neustadt, tramline 11 (direction Zschertnitz) takes you to the Postplatz.

More details:

Theatre tickets also valid for the VVO transport network

Tickets for the Saxon State Theatres entitle the holder to travel on the entire public transport network of Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe where you see the »VVO« logo. This offer enables guests of the Semperoper and the Staatsschauspiel (State Playhouse Dresden) to travel to and from booked events by VVO public transport without having to buy an additional ticket.

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The so-called »KombiTicket« is valid for a period of four hours before the event to eight hours post-event on all S-Bahn trains, regional trains, trams, buses and Elbe ferries between Altenberg and Hoyerswerda, Riesa and Sebnitz. The offer applies to most events in the main venues of the Saxon State Theatres, in particular the Semperoper and Semper Zwei. Please note the following exceptions and special cases:

  • The KombiTicket is not valid for free and low-price events, e.g. Premiere Teasers.
  • The KombiTicket is not valid for complimentary tickets of any kind, sponsor tickets, press tickets, etc.
  • The KombiTicket is not valid for school groups, teachers and students, as such tickets are already very inexpensive or reduced in price.

All KombiTickets can be recognised by the VVO logo. 

Website of the VVO transport network

By plane

The Semperoper is located approx. 8 kilometers from Dresden Airport. Depending on the time of day, the journey by taxi takes 15 to 30 minutes.

Direct flights to Dresden are available from Frankfurt Main, Munich and Düsseldorf, and internationally from London, Vienna, Amsterdam and Zurich.

Flughafen Dresden International
01109 Dresden
Current flightplan:

By tour bus

The Theaterplatz allows stops only for guests getting in and out of passenger cars. The nearest bus parking spaces are located at, for example, the Zwingerteich, the Carolabücke and Pieschener Allee below Marienbrücke.

Semper Zwei

Directly behind the Semperoper you will find Semper Zwei, an experimental venue for diverse forms of music theatre, a space for numerous musical series, scientific conferences and dance projects – and, furthermore, a place for the Junge Szene as well as the opera and ballet companies to explore innovative artistic formats in a spirit of fun.

From the evening box office and cloakroom located on the ground floor you can reach the auditorium on the first floor via a staircase or lift. The theatre space can be used in diverse ways, permitting variable arrangements of free-choice seating.

Semper Zwei

Opera barrier free

We are always working to make your stay at the Semperoper Dresden and at Semper Zwei as pleasant as possible. A physical disability should not prevent you from enjoying our opera house and our second venue. However, we hope you understand that not all barriers in the Semperoper can be removed due to various architectural features of this historic building.

Opera without barriers