Rehearsal insights

2023/24 Rehearsal insights

Key example of classical ballet

»The Sleeping Beauty« – a key example of classical ballet

by Marcelo Gomes

The ballet fairy tale

… is about Princess Aurora and her fate, which we can experience in various stages from the prologue to the apotheosis finale. Her counterpart is Florimund, a youthful, romantic and intrepid character who accidentally meets his soulmate while searching for himself. When he has a rare encounter with the Lilac Fairy, a creature that is not visible to everyone, he realises that he has been chosen to wake up Sleeping Beauty. At the same time, however, he is realistic and brave enough to know that getting to her would not be easy. He shows us all that it's worth fighting for your dreams and goals when you're passionate about and committed to something from the bottom of your heart!

I feel inspired

… by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky's pictorial compositional style. With this masterful score, he shaped the characters and their individual developments in a wide variety of musical motifs, keys and instrumental nuances. While listening to his music, you can literally close your eyes and see the plot of the fairy tale in your mind's eye.

My artistic vision

… is to stage a cross-generational and family-friendly narrative ballet that proves once again that the tradition of the incredibly virtuoso classical ballet is still worth preserving today. »The Sleeping Beauty« never loses its relevance thanks to its love story, musicality, pure aesthetics and acting qualities. My desire is to engage our audiences with a beautiful, romantic, magical and compelling story by telling this popular fairy-tale in an understandable way.

The choreography

… is based on the purity of the classical ballet vocabulary, its precision and virtuosity. The production is an homage to the aesthetics of Marius Petipa, whose musical libretto and stage characters are shaped in such a clear, detailed and multi-layered way that each performer can discover some facets of him- or herself in any of the fairy-tale characters. This helps a lot to bring this ballet to life – especially since we are such a diverse company.

The quintessence

There are things between heaven and earth that no human being can change. »The Sleeping Beauty« is about two people who are destined for each other  ̶  no matter how far apart they are in space, time or geography and no matter how they try to influence their destiny as mortals. So, it is inevitable that Aurora will fall into a deep sleep and that she and Prince Florimund are soulmates. This is why the Lilac Fairy is the personification of superhuman fate.