Junge Szene

Häuptling Abendwind

Jacques Offenbach

Buffo operetta in one act, text by Léon Battu and Philippe Gille German version by Bettina Bartz

Premiere 14. December 2018

Performed in German


Chief Abendwind from the tribe of the Gros-Loulous and his enemy, the neighbouring Chief Brave Rabbit, are unrepentant cannibals. And they would probably stay that way if a stranger didn’t show up one day. Abendwind’s daughter Attala quickly falls in love with the outsider, a hairdresser from Paris. The father would love to get his teeth into his future son-in-law, who really would make a perfect roast for his feast with Brave Rabbit. When, however, Brave Rabbit suddenly mentions his son living in Paris during the meal, a terrible suspicion arises: Could the delicious roast possibly be Brave Rabbit’s son? »Häuptling Abendwind« (»Vent-du-soir ou l’horrible festin«) from 1857 is a grotesquely macabre farce about foreign customs and our own habits, featuring a witty and rousing score by the Franco-German composer Jacques Offenbach. This production for Semper Zwei is designed for a mixed audience of adults and children (aged 12 and over).