Peter Theiler


Peter Theiler has been the artistic director of the Semperoper since the 2018/19 season. For many years, the Swiss opera director has enjoyed an outstanding reputation for the excellence of his casting, the nurturing of young talent, for music productions that are clearly grounded in the present and, not least, for his international connections and cooperative projects. In his programming for the Semperoper, Peter Theiler’s focus is on renewing the repertoire and expanding the opera canon with rarely performed works. He strives to fill any remaining gaps by bringing important works for the first time to Dresden, by reviving works of French grand opéra that were once familiar to audiences, through the initiation of premiere projects and by promoting contemporary chamber opera. In addition, Peter Theiler has shown his clear commitment to the great traditions of the Semperoper by exploring the works of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss, two composers closely linked to Dresden’s opera house. For many years, Peter Theiler has actively promoted young stage directors, giving them the opportunity to bring to the stage their own unique perspectives on the great standard operas. In this way, a number of important young directors have made their debut at the Semperoper in recent years. But, of course, lively and varied music theatre also lives from and with its audience. Reflecting this, the Semperoper has intensified its interaction with its audience on a variety of levels, as well as its educational offerings. The Semperoper is in dialogue with its audience, with the people of Dresden as well as foreign guests and the next generation of music lovers.

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Peter Theiler, Artistic Director Staatsoper Dresden
Peter Theiler, Artistic Director Staatsoper Dresden © Semperoper Dresden/Klaus Gigga