6th Symphony Concert

Conductor: Christian Thielemann | Soprano: Julia Kleiter | Baritone: Markus Eiche

Event is in the past
Event is in the past




      »Blessed are those who suffer«

      Consolation instead of horror – that’s the core message of Johannes Brahms’s »A German Requiem«, which he completed in 1869. A fitting choice for commemorating the destruction of Dresden 79 years ago, and not just because the composer was made an honorary member of the Staatskapelle’s chamber music club in the early 1880s. Using biblical passages that he compiled himself, Brahms conceived a sacred work of remembrance in which, unlike the liturgical model, the intention is not to plea for the redemption of the dead but rather to contemplate the grief of those left behind. 


      Johannes Brahms »Ein deutsches Requiem nach Worten der Heiligen Schrift« für Sopran, Bariton, Chor und Orchester op. 45

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