2nd Symphony Concert

Conductor: Antonello Manacorda


Culmination and beginning

Mozart’s C major Symphony from 1788 –  much later given the title »Jupiter« – has  a unique aura: Completed in only a few  days, the work is both a culmination and a  new beginning. As the Viennese master’s  final symphony, it summarises his personal  experiences and the central elements of  the genre. At the same time, however,  K. 551 is also the first monumental work in  a tradition that would come to define the  19th century. The finale is no longer a joyful  conclusion, but rather the endpoint of a long  process – achieved through five motifs that  Mozart introduces one after the other before  finally interweaving them with astonishing  ingenuity.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ouvertüre zur Oper »Così fan tutte«
Béla Bartók Divertimento für Streichorchester Sz 113
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphonie Nr. 41 C-Dur KV 551 »Jupiter«

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