1st Symphony Concert

Conductor: Christian Thielemann | Viola: Antoine Tamestit

Story of a friendship

Paul Hindemith and the Staatskapelle – the story of a friendship. From the premiere of the opera »Cardillac« under Fritz Busch in Dresden in 1926, the composer’s name regularly featured on concert programmes until his music was banned by the Nazi authorities. After 1945, Joseph Keilberth picked up where his predecessor left off. The new season opens with a classic work: the viola concerto »Der Schwanendreher« from 1935, in which Hindemith made use of traditional folk songs to reflect on the dire situation of German musicians at the time. It is complemented by Strauss’s »Alpine Symphony«, which the Staatskapelle premiered in 1915 at a guest performance in Berlin.


Paul Hindemith »Der Schwanendreher«
Richard Strauss »Eine Alpensinfonie« op. 64

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