Sinfoniechor Dresden (Symphony Chorus)

The auxiliary choir of the Semperoper

The members of the Dresden Symphony Chorus have been performing on the stage of the Semperoper since 1915. The ensemble’s first artistic director, the then choral director of the Dresden Court Opera, Karl Maria Pembaur, wished to provide the professional State Opera Chorus with »vocal reinforcement« for concerts as well as the large choral scenes.

Since this time, the Symphony Chorus has not only taken part in numerous opera productions as an ancillary choir but has also embarked on its own programme of activities as well as performances in other productions. Traditionally, the choral director of the Semperoper Dresden is also responsible for the Symphony Chorus. During the weekly rehearsals, which usually take place on Thursday, the choral sections of upcoming productions are prepared and rehearsed along with various works in the Semperoper’s repertoire as well as programmes for concert engagements. In their free time, the singers of Dresden’s Symphony Chorus are thus committed to ensuring that the quality of singing and acting on the Semperoper stage is of continued excellence as well as working to maintain the huge diversity of music on offer locally.

Interested in joining us?

Do you dream of singing on one of Germany’s great opera stages? We can help! The Dresden Symphony Chorus Dresden – the auxiliary choir of the Semperoper Dresden – is looking for new members in all vocal groups.

What do we offer?

Participation in selected productions on the stage of the Semperoper – in particular, singing and acting with the Saxon State Opera Chorus, sometimes combined with small independent scenic tasks.

When do we rehearse?

Regular musical training at weekly full-chorus rehearsals, usually on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. This is complemented by extra rehearsal sessions, especially for returning productions. Staged and dress rehearsals usually take place in the morning.

What do we ask of you?

A love of singing and theatre; a willingness to donate a lot of free time for rehearsals (also in the mornings) and performances; a confident and strong voice along with experience in score-reading (vocal training desired, but not an absolute prerequisite); the ability to memorise lengthy passages of music, on occasion with non-German libretti.

How can I apply?

Singers with a serious interest should contact the chorus board at vorstand@sinfoniechor.de. In addition to providing a musical CV, you are required to audition for the choral director and the chorus board with a prepared aria, an art song or similar. (Please bring the piano accompaniment with you!). Appointments are arranged individually.


Sächsische Staatstheater – Semperoper Dresden
Sinfoniechor Dresden
Theaterplatz 2
01067 Dresden
E-mail vorstand@sinfoniechor.de



Artistic Management

Choirmaster André Kellinghaus
Assistant to the Choirmaster °
Choir board Verona Balać, Katrin Bratke, Marion Friedemann, Daniel Herrmann, Charlotte Kühnel


1st Sopran
Verona Balać, Gabriele Forkert, Marion Friedemann, Elisabeth Michaelis, Katja Prate

2nd Sopran
Heike Froebel, Laura Hüßner, Ulrike Kothe, Charlotte Kühnel, Beate Patzner, Julia Stoll

1st Alt
Barbara Adam, Dagmar Brauer, Annette Flemming, Brigitte Hirsch, Corinna Klitzke, Sina Liebmann, Corinna Menz, Freya Petersohn, Friederike Schaible, Christiane Werner

2nd Alt
Katrin Bratke, Claudia Günther, Sira Richter, Heide Schmidt

1st Tenor
Daniel Herrmann, Andreas Küchler, Luis Lay

2nd Tenor
Marian Hanke, Rüdiger Müller, Lukas Seidler, Norbert Unger

1st Bass
Pablo Diaz-Aller, Jens Franeck, Egbert Heller, Jörg Müller, Thomas Neubert

2nd Bass
Stelios Petrakis, Ingo Trenkmann

° No names mentioned for reasons of data protection (DSGVO)