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Il tutore / The Guardian

Fotogallerie für Il tutore/ The Guardian   - Insgesamt 5 Fotos.

Intermezzo by Johann Adolf Hasse Performed in Italian with German inserted text. Included staged play: »Der Automobilsalon« by Eugène Ionesco



Rehearsal. Prandello, theatre manager, director and actor in a travelling theatre company, is rehearsing the «Il tutore” intermezzo by J. A. Hasse with the help of his assistant Romeo. Main character: the attractive, young Luisa.

Il tutore
Lucilla, an orphan, is being brought up by her strict guardian Pandolfo. When he discovers her love for Claudio, who is the same age, he wants to keep Lucilla locked away. Touched by Lucilla’s tears, Pandolfo is prepared to forgive her, believing that Lucilla would therefore obey him in future. Instead he has to admit to himself that he is in love with his ward, and she is doing as she pleases with him.

Car showroom
A man enters a car showroom but is it a car showroom – or isn’t it? A young lady and a salesman talk to him about the advantages and disadvantages of diverse models and show them to him. Turgo petractors and pneumonic brakes are demonstrated. Finally, the man decides to buy the model he likes best: the saleslady.

Lucilla tells Pandolfo why she cannot love him: he is neither young, rich, nor handsome. Assisted by his servant Mosca, who actually sides with Lucilla, Pandolfo tries to convince her that he meets her ideas of a noble husband exactly – but without success. Pandolfo becomes more and more desperate. Through a love letter to Lucilla, which is played into Pandolfo’s hands, Claudio challenges him to a duel. Although Lucilla emphasises once again that she cannot love an old man, Pandolfo is prepared to duel with Claudio for her hand. Pandolfo gives up in the middle of the duel with the young hero in fear of his life – but he regards this defeat as «fateˮ rather than accepting that he is too old and his time is over. Lucilla und Claudio become engaged. Lucilla asks her tutor to consent to their marriage – but he remains stubborn and unreasonable to the end.


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