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Faust / Margarete

Fotogallerie für Faust/ Margarete     - Insgesamt 5 Fotos.

In return for his soul, Faust receives from Mephistopheles eternal youth and boundless passion. Presenting him with a vision of Marguerite, Faust is soon overcome with desire to see the young beauty. Mephistopheles arranges this, and Marguerite becomes Faust’s lover. Soon she is expecting his child. However, when he abandons her, Marguerite’s brother Valentin challenges Faust to a duel. With the invisible assistance of Mephistopheles, Valentin is mortally wounded. Faust orders Mephistopheles to lead him to the prison where Marguerite is being held after murdering their child. He urges her to flee with him, but she spurns her former lover. After perceiving that Mephistopheles is the Devil, Marguerite dies and her soul is transported to heaven.


Opera in five acts by Charles Gounod Performed in French with German surtitles

Running time 3 hours 30 minutes

Premiere 05 Jul 2010

No shows at the current season.

Staging: Keith Warner
Set Design: Es Devlin
Costume Design: Julia Müer
Lighting Design: Wolfgang Göbbel
Choreography: Karl Alfred Schreiner
Choir: Pablo Assante
Dramaturgy: Stefan Ulrich

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Donnie Ray Albert (Mephistophélès), Markus Butter (Valentin)| Faust/ Margarete    |© Matthias Creutziger

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Faust/ Margarete
Faust/ Margarete
Faust/ Margarete