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The Freischütz

The desperate desire for success pulls young hunter Max into the darkest depths of the nocturnal forest and of the human soul. Max, once best marksman far and wide, has run into a streak of bad luck. A single shot will decide about his marriage to Agathe – a matter too important to be left to chance. Max meets the shifty Kaspar in the Wolf´s glen at midnight to cast the cursed magic bullets that never miss their mark. The pact with the devil is sealed.
The black romance tells about scary rituals in foggy gulches, ghostly apparitions and the seductive power of evil. Yet it is also about the fate of a young man in love, who, for fear of failure allows himself to be driven to extremes.
»It hit the mark«, cheered Carl Maria von Weber in 1821 after the premiere, which launched »Der Freischütz« on its triumphal path as a »German National Opera« through European opera companies. Now, chief conductor Christian Thielemann brings formidable ghosts and bodies of light back to life with this virtually demonic music.

Romantic opera in three acts
Performed in German with surtitles

Premiere 01 May 2015

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01 May 2015
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06 May 2015
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09 May 2015
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11 May 2015
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31 May 2015
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Musical Director: Peter Schneider
Staging: Axel Köhler
Set Design: Arne Walther
Costume Design: Katharina Weissenborn
Choreinstudierung: N.N.
Dramaturgy: Werner Hintze

Casting 19 May 2015

Kuno: N.N.
Agathe: Ute Selbig
Ännchen: Christina Landshamer
Kaspar: Michael Eder
Max: Michael König
Ein Eremit: Tilmann Rönnebeck
Kilian: Pavol Kubán