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Un ballo in maschera / A Masked Ball

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Melodramma in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. Performed in Italian with German surtitles.


Atto primo

Riccardo is holding court.

While it appears that all are paying homage to him, there are some who are conspiring to assassinate the ruler.

Oscar, his companion, gives Riccardo the guest list for the masked ball. Apart from his confidant and friend Renato, Renato’s wife Amelia is also invited. Riccardo is secretly and passionately in love with her.

The fortune-teller Ulrica stands accused. Instead of passing sentence, Riccardo decides it would be amusing for him to visit her together with the entire court incognito to test her powers.

Ulrica appears.

Silvano, Riccardo’s bodyguard, provokes her.

Amelia seeks Ulrica’s advice. Hiding, Riccardo watches his adored as she asks the fortune-teller to give her something to overcome her love for him. Determined, she follows Ulrica’s instructions.

Riccardo challenges Ulrica’s powers. She prophesies that he will be killed by the first person to shake his hand. Unsuspecting, Renato does so. Nobody any longer believes in the fortune-teller.

Atto secondo

Amelia is searching for release.

When Riccardo surprises her, she confesses her love for him.

Renato follows his friend to warn him of an imminent attempt against his life. Amelia disguises herself with a veil and is therefore not recognised by her husband. Riccardo places her in Renato’s protection and escapes.

Conspirators Sam and Tom arrive, and to everyone’s surprise, meet Renato instead of Riccardo. When the men demand to know the identity of the veiled lady, Amelia reveals herself to the horror of her husband and the amusement of all the others.

Atto terzo

Renato wants Amelia to die.

Touched by her entreaties, he recognises the true instigator of the treachery and swears a bloody revenge on Riccardo.

After he joins Sam and Tom in their conspiracy, fate calls on him to murder Riccardo.

Oscar delivers the invitation to the masked ball: the opportunity for Renato and the conspirators to assassinate Riccardo.

Riccardo bids farewell.

Oscar gives a final warning, an attempt to keep Riccardo away from the ball. Riccardo is not impressed.

The dance of death.

Renato discovers from Oscar how he can identify Riccardo. While Riccardo is speaking to Amelia for the last time, he is shot by Renato.


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Tichina Vaughn (Ulrica), Marjorie Owens (Amelia), Comparse|Un ballo in maschera/ Ein Maskenball|© Matthias Creutziger

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Un ballo in maschera/ A Masked Ball
Un ballo in maschera/ A Masked Ball
Un ballo in maschera/ A Masked Ball