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Gralsburg castle is situated on Monsalvat mountain. The knights of Gralsburg protect the sacred Grail, which the former Gralsburg knight Klingsor wants to make his own. The Grail has long since lost its magic powers. Its protector, the chief Gralsburg knight Amfortas, has forfeited his knowledge of the way of life as a result of his passion for the attractive lady Kundry. And Klingsor’s spear has given him a wound that does not heal. Only a pure simpleton enlightened by compassion is capable of redeeming Amfortas and revitalizing the power of the grail to assist innocently beset people throughout the world. Parsifal succeeds in doing this after he becomes enlightened by compassion due to the knowledge of the way of life after an encounter with the enticing Kundry. Hope once again enters the world.


By Richard Wagner

Running time 5 hours 15 minutes

Premiere 21 May 1988

No shows at the current season.

Set Design and Costume Design: Rolf Langenfass
Choir: Matthias Brauer

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