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Peter Grimes

Peter Grimes is acquitted of the death of his first young apprentice. But suspicion remains among his fellow villagers. Ellen would like it if Grimes marries her. But he believes that he must first attain wealth and recognition before he can build a family. His second opportunity is crushed when the new apprentice, a young boy from an orphanage, is killed. Balstrode proposes to Grimes that Grimes kill himself.


Opera in three acts with a prologue by Benjamin Britten

Running time 3 hours

Premiere 09 Feb 2007

No shows at the current season.

Staging: Sebastian Baumgarten
Set Design: Hartmut Meyer
Costume Design: Ellen Hofmann
Lighting Design: Jan Seeger
Choreography: Nora Sitges-Sardà
Choir: Matthias Brauer
Dramaturgy: Hans-Georg Wegner
Video: Chris Kondek

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