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Jiří Bubeníček


BornLubin, Poland

TrainingConservatory of Dance Prague, Czech Republic

AwardsMary-Wigman-Prize (2013)
Nomination »Dancer of the Year« dance magazine Ballettanz (2009) 
»Publics Prize» 18th International Competition for Choreographers for his choreography »Prisoners of Feelings« (Hanover 2004) 
Second Class Distinction for his choreography »Made on Earth« 20th International Ballet Competition Varna (2002) 
Benois de la Danse (2002) for the role of Armand in »The Lady Of The Camellias«
Prix Espèces Prix de Lausanne (1992)

EngagementsSemperoper Ballett (since 2006 Principal) 
Hamburg Ballet (since 1993, since 1997 Principal)

RepertoirePrince Désiré, Prince Florimund, Catalabutte, Blue Bird »The Sleeping Beauty« (J. Neumeier; A. S. Watkin after M. Petipa); Theseus Oberon, Lysander »A Midsummer Night’s Dream«, Mercutio, Benvolio »Romeo and Juliet«, Armand, Gaston »The Lady of the Camellias«, Hans »Ondine«, Gunther »The Nutcracker«, Aminta, Endymion, Eros Thyrsis Orion »Sylvia«, Malvolio, Sebastian »VIVALDI or What You Will«, King, Man in the Shadow, Count Alexander »Illusions like ‘Swan Lake’«, Galahad »The Saga of King Arthur«, Albert »Giselle», Aggression Aspect »Peer Gynt», Orlando »As You Like It», Requiem, Spring and Fall, Bernstein Serenade, Petruschka Variations, Third Symphony of Gustav Mahler, Fifth Symphony of Gustav Mahler; Bach Suite 2, Getting Closer, Soldier Songs, In The Between, Saint Matthew Passion, In The Blue Garden, Secrets, A Cinderella Story (J. Neumeier); Petruccio »The Taming Of The Shrew« (J. Cranko); Knight »Light Beings« (M. Ek); Solor »La Bayadère« (N. Makarova); Colas »La Fille Mal Gardée« (F. Ashton); Petruschka »Petruschka«, Le Pavillion d’Armide (M. Fokine); The Grey Area, Reverence, A Million Kisses To My Skin (D. Dawson); Theme and Variations, Rubies, Emeralds (G. Balanchine); The Unsung (J. Limón); Romansos (N. Duato); Forgotten Land, Petite Mort (J. Kylián); Monotones (F. Ashton); In the Middle Somewhat Elevated, Enemy in the Figure, Steptext (W. Forsythe); Vertigo Maze (S. Celis); Empty House, Walking Mad (J. Inger);Cacti (A.Ekman); Im anderen Raum (P.Lidberg) Canon In D Major (J. Bubeníček)

CreationsRomeo »Romeo and Juliet« (S.Celis); Solor »La Bayadère« (A. S. Watkin after M. Petipa); Das Verschwundene | The Disappeared, Giselle (D. Dawson); Spazio-Tempo; Sacre (J.Godani); Vaslav Nijinsky »Nijinsky«, Konstantin Gavrilovich Triplev »The Seagull«, The War »Odyssey«, Horvendel »Hamlet«, Man III »Bernstein Dances«,  Pas De Deux »Scheherazade I«, Pas De Deux »Blue Danube«, The Wanderer, The Gondolier, A Dance Couple, Dionysus, The Hairdresser, The Guitar Player »Death in Venice«, Winter Ways, Nocturnes from »Songs Of The Night« (J. Neumeier); Objective Time »Rennen hinter dem was flieht« (S. Thoss); Prince »The Sleeping Beauty«(M. Ek); Self Portrait (F. Chirpaz and K. Cere); Entre d’Eux (K. Belarbi); Trio (S. L. Cherkaqui); Spazio-Tempo (J. Godani)

OtherPrincipal Guest Artist at l’Opéra de Paris (Armand »The Lady of the Camellias«)
Danced at various international Ballet Galas and Festivals in Munich, Prague, Hanover, Vienna, Brussels, Lyon, Basel, Copenhagen (International Ballet Festival 2002), Stockholm, Lausanne, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Japan (World Ballet Festival 2000) and Australia
Danced with Polina Semionova, Svetlana Zakharova, Lucia Lacarra, Agnes Letestu, Marie-Agnès Gillot, Heather Jurgensen, Anna Polikarpova, Elizabeth Loscavio, Silvia Azzoni, Natalia Sologub, Yumiko Takeshima, Olga Melnikova and others
Created with his brother »Bubeníček and Friends« in Prague National Theatre (May 2009)
Performed with »Bubeníček and Friends« in Rome »Bubeníček Ballet World« (2011)
Organized and performed with his Brother the charity Ballet gala »Ballett für Japan« or »Dance for the Land of the Rising Sun« (May 2011)

Film Productions»Nocturnal Ecstasy«
»The Work of Utopia«, Documentary by Donna Feuer
»The King« in DVD production »Illusions like ‘Swan Lake’«
»Die Ballettzwillinge«, Peter Schlögl for arte-TV
»Giselle« (D. Dawson); Fritten Film (2008)

ChoreographiesThe Soldier's Tale (Premiere: 23rd of June 2013 in Gelsenkirchen)
L'heure bleue (Premiere: 25th of April in Charlotte, US)
Burning Bridges (Premiere: 11th of January 2013 at Gauthier Dance)
Prelude & Fugue (Created for the Bunkamura Theater in Tokyo - Premiere: 5th of January 2013)
Gentle Memories (Created for the Mariinsky Ballet Theater - longer version - Premiere: 27th of September 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia)
Faun (Created for Semperoper Ballett, Premiere: 23th of June 2012 in Dresden)
Gentle Memories (Premiere 27th of April 2012, D.H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center, USA)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Premiere: 16th of July 2011, renaissance castle Velké Losiny, Czech Republic)
Die innere Stimme,The inner Voice (Premiere: 30th of October 2010, Dresden - Albertinum Museum)
Letter to Felice (Premiere: 28th of July 2010, Bunkamura Theater, Tokyo)
Il Manol (Premiere: July 2010, Istanbul)
Outrenoir (Created for The National Ballet of China, Premiere: 24th of April 2010, in Beijing)
Unintended Consequences (Premiere: 15th of May 2009 in Prague)
Double Violin Concerto (Premiere: 15th of May 2009 in Prague)
Toccata (Premiere: 13th of May 2009 in Lincoln Center)
Te Deum (Premiere: 7th of January 2009 in Prague)
Cantata in C (Premiere: 17th of October 2008 in New York City)
Rencontre (Premiere: 12th of April 2008 in Athens)
Maifest der Brunnen (Premiere: 4th of November 2007 in Basel)
7th Symphony (Premiere: 12th of October 2007 in New York City)
Le Souffle de l’Esprit (Premiere: 1st of September 2007 in Zurich)
Lamentate (Premiere: 17th of June 2007 in Dresden)
Shattering Depth (Premiere: 11th of March 2007 in Sapporo)
Canon In D Major (Premiere: 11th of March 2007 in Sapporo)
Yuh 07 (Premiere: 11th of March 2007 in Sapporo)
Ai no Yukue (Premiere: August 2005 in Sapporo)
Simple Pleasure (Premiere: 9th of July 2005)
Unerreichbare Orte (Premiere: 19th of June 2005 in Hamburg)
Yuh 04 (Premiere: 30th of August 2004 in Sapporo)
Intimate Distance (Premiere: 4th August of 2004 in Copenhagen)
Prisoners of Feelings (Premiere: 1st of August 2003 in Copenhagen)
Trip (Premiere: 1st of July 2003 in Hamburg)
Beyond Words (Premiere: 3rd of August 2002 in Copenhagen)
Made on Earth (Premiere: Summer 2002 in Varna)
Absinth (Premiere: 27th of February 2002 in Prague)
Graffiti (Premiere: 27th of February 2002 in Prague)
Bolero II (Premiere: 1st of September 2001 in Sapporo)
Fragile Vessels (Premiere: 12th of July 2001 in Hamburg)
A Different Drum (Premiere: 3rd of May 2000 in Hamburg)
The Feeling Begins... Samsara (Premiere: 6th of July 1999 in Hamburg) 
La Foule (Premiere: 22nd of January 1999 in Hamburg)

Further information on the choreographies can be found on Jiří Bubeníček’s website



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