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Apprentice Programme

Semperoper Ballett & Palucca Schule Dresden – Hochschule für Tanz

Created in 2006, the Apprentice Programme enables up to 12 apprentices to gain practical experience with the Semperoper Ballett for a complete season while studying at the Palucca Schule Dresden.
The apprentices are involved in company performances,and benefit from a complete training programme organised in conjunction with the Palucca Schule.
Offering a combination of performance experience and intensive training, the programme is designed to facilitate young dancers’ integration into the professional world.
Working with the Faculties of both the Company and the School, the apprentices will benefit not only from specially designed classes, but also from workshops to learn the Company repertoire, personal coaching and mentoring, as well as classes in additional subjects such as contemporary dance, improvisation, pointe work, pas de deux and partnering, theory classes with themes relevant to the content of the programme, as well as tutoring from both the Company and the School, thus providing a well-rounded education and intensive artistic guidance.
The apprentice participate in the performances and activities of the Palucca Schule Dresden, and may receive special coaching for competitions or similar events as the Rector or Ballet Director sees fit. 
The programme is a joint venture between Semperoper Ballett and the Palucca Schule Dresden – Hochschule für Tanz.

Prof. Jason Beechey
Aaron S. Watkin