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Open Rehearsal in the Ballet Studio

Insight into the daily work of a professional ballet company

This event offers dance-lovers an insight into the daily work of a professional ballet company, from classical training to rehearsals. Introduced by the ballet masters, visitors can learn how individual scenes with dancers are rehearsed, and the reasons why some elements have to be corrected and repeated. See for yourself the painstaking work required to achieve on-stage perfection, the intense concentration and high artistic skills continually demanded of the dancers, as well as the fun which all those involved experience during the rehearsal process. The open rehearsals are a great introduction to the finished productions, so that visitors can review what they have learnt whilst enjoying the complete choreography in its final incarnation on the Semperoper stage.

Ballet studio I
Tickets: 5/3 Euro

13 September 2014
4 July 2015