A Window on Jazz

»Laut & Leise« (»Loud & Quiet«)

Unusual artistic perspectives – Günter Baby Sommer’s musical commentary on Richard Strauss



  • Starting Time: 8.30 pm

  • Venue: Semper Zwei

  • The box office in Semper Zwei opens 1 hour before the scheduled performance.

    Richard Strauss and jazz? If anyone can forge a musical connection here, it’s Günter Baby Sommer, whose preoccupation with Dmitri Shostakovich has already confirmed his ability to add and create interesting, new musical takes on the so-called »classical« repertoire. And that’s a lot more than just »Loud & Quiet«: it’s the feeling of how music also breathes and invokes hugely diverse yearnings for harmony and sound. Günter Baby Sommer and his jamming fellow musicians approach the music of Richard Strauss with contemporary forms of improvisation that spring from the breeding ground of jazz music.