Semper Essenz: Rossini for Gourmets

Songs from Gioachino Rossini’s »Sins of Old Age«


No coming shows this season.

Many people will be familiar with Rossini’s operas, especially »Il barbiere di Siviglia / The Barber of Seville«. But after the Italian composer officially retired at the age of 37, he went on to write countless songs, arias, ensemble pieces and musical jokes designed to entertain guests at evening gatherings. Among them are beguiling Italian canzoni and folkloric ditties, witty French songs as well as duets or larger ensemble pieces. Some of these, such as the »Cat Duet«, have entered the popular canon, while others remain historical relics known to a few insiders. Under the baton of Thomas Leo Cadenbach, members of our Junges Ensemble programme have already uncovered various gems from this treasure chest at our »Semper:Thursday« afternoon concerts. Now they will present an entire programme of what Rossini termed his »sins of old age«. The young singers will also welcome some special guests, namely former members of the Junges Ensemble who have since performed at Europe’s great opera houses: soprano Tuuli Takala, alto Michal Doron, tenor Mert Süngü and bass Alexandros Stavrakakis.


1. Toast pour le nouvel an (Émilien Pacini)
2. La lontananza (Giuseppe Torre)
3. La fioraja fiorentina (Textautor unbekannt)
4. Duett Isabella – Taddeo »Ai capricci della sorte« aus der Oper »Die Italienerin in Algier« (Angelo Anelli)
5. Il fanciullo smarito (Alessandro Castellani)
6. Le gittane (Giuseppe Torre)
7. Romeo (Émilien Pacini)
8. La regata veneziana (Francesco Maria Piave)
9. Elégie (Émilien Pacini)
10. Le Chant des Titans (Émilien Pacini)
11. L’ultimo ricordo (Giovanni Redaelli)
12. »Qui tollis« aus »Petite messe solenelle«
13. I gondolieri (Textautor anonym)