Semperoper Ballett Open Air on the Palucca Summer Stage

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Under the title »Semperoper Ballett Open Air«, the Semperoper Ballett will perform at the »Palucca Summer Stage. 
The Open Air and Online Dance Festival. Guest: The Semperoper Ballett« in June 2021. The highlight of the programme will be the gala evening »A Shared Vision« celebrating the work of Aaron S. Watkin and Prof. Jason Beechey.

Dresden, 11 June 2021. On 19, 20 and 26 June 2021, the company of Semperoper Ballett will appear on the open-air stage erected on the campus of Dresden’s Palucca University of Dance. The guest programme »Semperoper Ballett Open Air« will feature the choreographies »The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude«, the pas de deux »White Swan« and the divertissement »Black Swan« from »Swan Lake«, the pas de trois »Odalisques« from »Le Corsaire« as well as »FAUN(E)«, »Still of King« and excerpts from »A Collection of Short Stories«. This diverse selection of works, ranging between the classical and neo-classical traditions as well as contemporary dance, reflects the company’s extensive repertoire that Aaron S. Watkin has managed to build up in his 15 years as director.

In the run up to these guest performances of the Semperoper Ballett, students at the university will have a chance to observe the rehearsal process on site and thus gain useful insights for their future careers.

The highlight of the events taking place on the »Palucca Summer Stage« will be the gala »A Shared Vision« jointly organised by Semperoper Ballett and the Palucca University on 30 June 2021, when the dancers of both institutions will pay special tribute to their ballet director, Aaron S. Watkin, and their rector, Prof. Jason Beechey. In 2021 both artists look back on fifteen productive and successful years leading these two lodestars of dance, acclaimed and respected throughout the world. 

»Semperoper Ballett Open Air«
On 19 June (7 pm), 20 June (4 pm) and 26 June 2021 (7 pm)
Aaron S. Watkin, pas de deux »White Swan« from »Swan Lake« (19 & 20 June only)
Aaron S. Watkin, divertissement »Black Swan« from »Swan Lake« (26 June only)
Aaron S. Watkin, pas de trois »Odalisques« from »Le Corsaire«
William Forsythe, »The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude«
David Dawson, »FAUN(E)« 
Jorma Elo, »Still of King« (19 & 20 June only)
Nicholas Palmquist, excerpts from »A Collection of Short Stories«

»A Shared Vision. Semperoper Ballett & Palucca University of Dance. A Tribute to Ballet Director Aaron S. Watkin & Rector Jason Beechey«
At 7 pm on 30 June 2021 
Semperoper Ballett Programme: 
William Forsythe, »The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude« 
Aaron S. Watkin, pas de deux »White Swan« from »Swan Lake«
David Dawson, »FAUN(E)«
Jorma Elo, »Still of King« 

Open-air stage on the campus of the Palucca University of Dance, Basteiplatz 4, 01277 Dresden 

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The current Saxon Coronavirus Protection Regulations apply to all guests.


Photo: Palucca Summer Stage © Palucca University of Dance Dresden, photo: Jason Beechey