Stephen Gould and Nina Stemme in »Siegfried«

Discussing his performance of Tristan with Nina Stemme as his Isolde in the Wagner production at London’s Royal Opera house, Stephen Gould can hardly contain himself: »That was a magical moment.« The American heroic tenor loved working with the Swedish star soprano: »Somehow we breathe in the same rhythm; often we don’t even have to look at one another. (…) And, of course, as our voices are both rather dark, they blend well together.«

Now, under the musical direction of Christian Thielemann, these two internationally acclaimed interpreters of Wagner are once reunited on stage as Siegfried and Brünnhilde in the third part of Richard Wagner’s magnum opus »Der Ring des Nibelungen«, to be performed in January at the Semperoper Dresden. 
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Photo Nina Stemme: Tanja Niemann 
Photo Stephen Gould: Peter Rigaud


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