Semper:Thursday takes you to some extraordinary places

Zuschauerraum der Semperoper mit Kronleuchter und Filmkamera im Vordergrund

From 25 February, this website will feature our exciting new »Semper:Thursday« series in which we turn some very unusual places in the opera house into performance venues. Whether the royal box in the auditorium, the understage area, a catwalk at a dizzying height above the stage, the scenery workshop or the main foyer – all these places will be filled with music and dance. We invite you to enjoy these souvenirs from the Semperoper every Thursday from 5 pm. 

We start with an excerpt from Richard Strauss’s opera »Capriccio«. Bass Georg Zeppenfeld will present La Roche’s speech from this work, accompanied on the piano by our head répétiteur Johannes Wulff-Woesten. In addition to the music, you will also learn something about each location.

The series will continue with members of the Staatskapelle, the State Opera Chorus, Semperoper Ballett as well as other Semperoper soloists – every Thursday from 5 pm here on this website. We hope you can join us!

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