Partner der Semperoper - Die Gläserner Manufaktur

Opera without barriers

We always strive to ensure that your visit to the Semperopera Dresden is as pleasant as possible. Physical disability should not in any way prevent you from enjoying the beauty of our house, but please understand that in a few cases we are unable to remove access barriers due to the historic architecture.
This short guide is intended to make your visit as straightforward as possible. 

Access for wheelchair users is located on the right side of the Semperoper, facing the Elbe river. Several disabled parking spaces can be found opposite the Italienisches Dörfchen restaurant, from where you can easily enter the opera house from ground level. Cars are permitted to park briefly on the right of the opera house to drop off and collect visitors. Please note that in general the Theaterplatz is a no-parking zone.  

The tram stop at Theaterplatz, around 100 meters from the Semperoper, is designed for easy access by persons with limited mobility, but perhaps the stops Altmarkt ans Postplatz, which are also close, might be more comfortable. 

Entry for wheelchair users is located on the right side, facing the Elbe river. A small ramp leads directly to the building entrance. Our staff will be happy to offer any assistance you may require.

The lift, located beside the cloakroom on the right-hand side (towards the Elbe), will bring you to the stalls and the first three circles. 

Wheelchair spaces 
A total of 13 spaces are reserved for wheelchair users in a range of price categories. Each space can be easily reached via the lift. 

Disabled toilets  
Due the historic nature of the Semperoper architecture, it has only been possible to install one toilet for wheelchair users. This is located on the ground floor behind the cloakroom, and can be reached through a doorway on the right-hand side. 

Sound system for the hard of hearing
The Semperoper Dresden is equipped with an infra-red sound system for the hard of hearing. Specially designed hearing aids or receivers are generally required to pick up the inductive signal. Such devices can be borrowed from the cloakroom staff.

Our performances are generally accompanied by supertitles, which reflect the content of scenes. 

Disabled persons may purchase a reduced price ticket upon presentation of a valid pass. Carers indicated on the pass are also eligible for a concession. These reductions are only offered on tickets priced €12 and above, for price categories 1 to 5. Concessionary refunds cannot be given on previously purchased tickets.