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»Sensational! Read all about it!« Editors of daily newspapers, radio and TV-stations still hear the editor-in-chief´s cry from Peter Ronnefelds »Nachtausgabe« (late-night edition). The public hungrily awaits the daily news, which is particularly difficult to find during summer recess. So, a small group of bohemians, artists and authors working for the newspaper comes up with the idea of simulating a kidnapping. That they choose the daughter of the landlady´s hysterical girlfriend as the »victim«, of all people, makes the whole matter a bit complicated...
In the mid-1950s, Peter Ronnefeld wrote a shrill and humorous short opera full of numerous convincing compositional punch lines, set somewhere between stuffy middleclass and youthful rebellion. Born in Dresden and at the time only 20 years old, he was closely connected to the Semper Opera House, as his father was violinist at the Staatskapelle Dresden. Yet it is only now that his second opera »Nachtausgabe« is being performed in Germany for the first time, commemorating the 50th anniversary of this exceptionally talented composer´s much too early death.

Opera piccola in five scenes
German premiere, In Semper 2

Premiere 04 Oct 2014

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04 Oct 2014
08:00 pm
06 Oct 2014
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07 Oct 2014
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10 Oct 2014
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11 Oct 2014
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26 Oct 2014
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29 Oct 2014
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Musical Director: Ekkehard Klemm
Staging: Manfred Weiß
Set Design: Arne Walther
Costume Design: Nina Reichmann
Lighting Design: Steffen Adermann
Dramaturgy: Anne Gerber

Casting 07 Oct 2014

Emma Becker: Evan Hughes
Anna Pachulke: Christiane Hossfeld
Lothar Witzlaff: Julian Arsenault
Renée Pachulke: Jennifer Riedel
Mario Caraccini: Christopher Tiesi
Ping Schma Fu: Patrick Vogel
Dr. Stilblüte: Tom Martinsen
Kommissar: Sebastian Wartig
Wachtmeister: Karl-Heinz Koch