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A witch's cottage in the woods, a magic spell and a prince, striking out to discover the world. The beginning of Engelbert Humperdinck´s »Königskinder« reads like a sequel to his popular opera »Hansel and Gretel«. Yet what begins as a fairy tale soon turns into quite the opposite. Far from civilization and society, a young goose girl grows up under the watchful eye of a witch. The young girl longs for freedom, but only the wise minstrel is able to instill her with enough self-confidence to break the spell and follow her beloved prince. At noon, she finds herself at the gates of Hellastadt with the prince, where the townspeople are awaiting their new royal couple. The people of Hellastadt do not, however, recognize the true royal couple in their tattered clothes and chase them away, thus depriving themselves of the possibility of a golden future. Humperdinck´s opera »Königskinder« uses lyrical and touching music to describe an incorrigible and frigid society, which defeats even true love.

Fairy tale opera in three acts
Performed in German with surtitles

Premiere 19 Dec 2014

Next Performances / Casting

19 Dec 2014
07:00 pm
22 Dec 2014
07:00 pm
29 Dec 2014
07:00 pm
03 Jan 2015
07:00 pm
11 Jan 2015
07:00 pm
17 Jan 2015
07:00 pm
25 Jan 2015
05:00 pm

Musical Director: Lothar Koenigs
Staging: Jetske Mijnssen
Set Design & Costume Design: Christian Schmidt
Choreinstudierung: Wolfram Tetzner
Kinderchor: N.N.
Dramaturgy: Valeska Stern

Casting 11 Jan 2015

Der Königssohn: Tomislav Mužek
Die Gänsemagd: Barbara Senator
Der Spielmann: Christoph Pohl
Die Hexe: Tichina Vaughn
Der Holzhacker: Michael Eder
Der Besenbinder: Tom Martinsen
Der Wirt: Alexander Hajek
Die Wirtstochter: Christina Bock
Der Schneider: Gerald Hupach
Die Stallmagd: Rebecca Raffell
Der Ratsälteste: Matthias Henneberg
1. Torwächter: Pavol Kubán
2. Torwächter: Julian Arsenault